Christmas 2020

We’re keeping things traditional with our festive chutneys, mincemeat, cakes, puddings, brownies and mince pies. We will also be providing Christmas catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Christmas Options 2022

Mincemeat (Vegan) £3.50 per jar makes 12 deep fill mince pies

We offer mincemeat in a variety of different flavours – something a bit special

Cranberry & Orange with Cointreau

Crystalised Ginger & Spiced Rum

Dried Pear and Brandy

Dried Cherry and Disaronno

Chutney (Vegan) £3.50 per jar

Festive Chutneys for cheese

Caramelised Red Onion

Tomato and chilli

Chilli Jam

Apple & Cranberry

Ale Chutney

Mince Pies (Vegan) £18 for 24

Traditional Mince pies or a range or toppings including frangipane, crumble or lattice

Orange and Almond Crumble Mince pies

Frangipane Mince pies

Puff Pastry Mince pies


Brownie Trays for Posting (Vegetarian) £25 including postage

Choose any chocolate you want to make a big slab of brownies, 25 portions

Christmas Cake (Veggie or vegan decorated) £20

Christmas Pudding (Veggie or Vegan £12.50

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