Live Lagom Final Blog

The past few months have been an interesting journey into discovering how sustainable you can be. For us living in a capital city with a small garden the idea of being sustainable has mainly been focussed on transport and energy bills.

Our adventure with Ikea Cardiff has led me to think more about those things my electricity and gas bills have been reduced from £184 to £125 through the better use of lighting and getting the kids away from their tech gadgets.

During Live Lagom I also reviewed our water usage and discovered that various dripping taps were wasting us a huge amount of water – over the review period conducted by Dwr Cymru the leaks were repaired and we were refunded over £2000 in water charges.

I have covered many of the workshops in previous blogs but the one I really enjoyed was the preserving workshop, making sauerkraut was really fun and inspired me to pickle lots of veg

After the growing workshop we have attempted growing some salads, tomatoes and sweetcorn not sure it’s for us yet as a large family with two vegans we just need much more than we can grow in our small space

As well as doing the workshops we have invested in all sorts of things to help us live more sustainably like the Tradfri Lighting in my teenage daughters room – to stop her leaving lights on. It’s also spilled over into the rest of our lives – recycling more clothes, buying more second hand, buying less food and I am cycling to work a lot more.

In the shopping session I bought some water bottles and a reusable cup – these are in daily use and have possibly saved me a small fortune. I also invested in a reusable cutlery set with a reusable straw to avoid disposable cutlery – I have a separate blog you can read on our move to reduce single use items.

The thing that has had the biggest impact was the online decluttering FB Live – after that I majorly decluttered the house, so much so that the kids now have a play room in what was a junk room

It’s given them space to relax, do homework and play.

Overall our experience has been great we will continue to work on lowering our bills and keeping our eye out for more ideas to reduce food waste.

Thanks to all the team at Ikea Cardiff.


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