Cater nature is a vegetarian & vegan caterers operating in the Cardiff & Penarth area.

We want to help you to eat healthier during your working day & to help you to lower your environmental impact.

We aim to be low carbon we have a good start with our food, but we also provide reusable plates & biodegradable doggy boxes with your order. At home we use Bio D cleaning products – also vegan & we deliver our buffets by Hybrid vehicle. All of our serving dishes & trays are reusable & we collect & wash these.

A lot of organisations are looking to reduce their costs, we believe we can help you to do so:

Reduced waste costs – no paper plate waste & reduced food waste as we offer take home options

Reduced food costs – with no meat our buffets can be more reasonable per head than the competition

We aim to help you to reduce your environmental impact, carbon footprint & contribute positively to staff well-being.

So if your willing to try out this new approach you can start by looking at our Menus.

I hope to hear from you soon

Cater Nature